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True line is an independent, creative and dynamic commercial production company, based in Kerala. Numerous films have been developed and produced under True Line supervision. We are dedicated to professionalism and achieving achievement of and are determined to achieve the highest possible quality results in all of our productions.

The Gambler
Kadha Thudarunnu
Swapna Sanchari
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Kadha Thudarunnu
The Gambler
Swapna Sanchari
Other Movies
True Line News
Trueline Cinema produces new film titled Swapna Sanchari. Jayaram is joining hands with director Kamal after a break of 12 years.
The duo has already started shooting of the film in Thodupuzha on August 1.
Swapna Sanchari is comedy-cum-sentimental film.
Girish Kumar, who has written story for hit movie Veruthe Oru Bhariya, has penned the script for this film.
Music by popular composer M Jayachandran.
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